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KIDS - Imani Pydana Thermal Cap

Pydana Collection Thermal Cap for kids is made of Authentic Handmade African Fabric using 100% cotton and natural materials. Our kids caps are large enough for your little one to grow into.

Sized for kids ages 3-10 years old depending on length and density of hair.

Each individual cap is hand sewn and crafted by individuals with over 30 years’ experience. Using only high quality material along with scientifically sound methods which allow the Pydana Collection Thermal Cap to hold heat longer making it second to none therefore giving you salon quality results.

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Make sure hair is clean using Pydana Collection Marula Herbal Silk Moisturizing Shampoo and Marula Herbal Silk Moisturizing Conditioner if desired.  Apply Pydana Collection Deep Moisture or Protein treatment or product of choice to hair. Place plastic cap over entire head completely covering hair. Place cap with the crown down (decorative side down) on microwave safe plate. Initially heat cap for 1 minute on high power (microwave temperatures may vary) Need your cap hotter? Continue to heat cap in 30 second intervals until you achieve desired heat level.

Caution: Do not heat as long for children. Exercise great care and caution to make sure the temperature is safe and comfortable for your child.


Heating for more than 3 minutes can cause severe burns as cap can reach very high temperatures.

 Caution! Always test the inside of cap to determine how hot it is!!!

Pydana Thermal Caps can get very hot depending on how long you heat it. The outside or decorative side of Pydana Thermal Cap does not feel as hot as the inside of cap. Use a temperature that is comfortable for you or child.

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