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Pydana Brush

 The Pydana brush has an anti-static rubber pad to prevent frizz and flyaways. The sleek ergonomic handle provides comfortable grip making it easy on the hand when styling and detangling your hair. Medium brush for detangling and styling afro textured hair. This brush comes with 9 easily removeable nylon pin rows that can be adjusted to your liking. This is the best brush on the market to enhance curl clumping and definition for wash and go styles.

Bristle rows are removable and easy to clean. You may also adjust bristles according to your tension preferences.

More bristles = More tension on hair

Less Bristles  = Less tension on hair

Color: White

Brush Width: 1 5/8 or 1.375 inches

Brush Length: 8 1/8 or 8.125 inches



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