Okoye - Pydana Thermal Cap

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Is your hair dry?

Are you struggling with retaining moisture and curl definition?

Do your products just sit on your hair and not fully absorb?

Do you want overall healthy hair & scalp?

If you have answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, your hair would most definitely benefit from regular use of our Pydana Thermal (heat) Cap.

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Our heat cap provides sufficient heat to lift the cuticle layer of the hair shaft allowing your deep conditioners and other treatments to fully penetrate deeply into the cortex for maximum effectiveness. Our heat Cap is suitable for everyone! Whether you have natural, transitioning, color treated or permed hair, the Pydana Thermal Cap is for you.  It is suitable for all hair types, textures and porosities – especially naturals who are low porosity and have a harder time getting product to fully penetrate into the hair strand for maximum results.

No need to worry about heat damage! The Pydana Thermal Cap delivers indirect heat to the hair which is safer than direct heat from a hooded dryer or blow dryer. It's reusable, eco-friendly, low maintenance and plug-free. Have a busy schedule? The Pydana Thermal Cap frees you up to nap, work out, run errands, prepare dinner - or whatever you desire - while deep conditioning. Our deep conditioning cap is comfortable to wear and is designed to offer superb heat retention for well over 30 minutes.

Each heat cap comes in a cute eco-friendly bag that is used for storing your cap.


Improves circulation to scalp promotes growth

Improves moisture retention to make those CURLS POP!

Enhances elasticity thereby reducing breakage

Enhances product performance for better results!

Improves overall condition of scalp & hair


Apply Pydana Collection deep conditioner or protein treatment or product of choice to clean hair. Place plastic cap over entire head completely covering hair. Place cap with the crown down (decorative side down) on microwave safe plate. Initially heat cap for 1 minute on high power (microwave temperatures may vary). Need your cap hotter? Continue to heat cap in 30 second intervals until you achieve desired heat level.

Heating for more than 3 minutes can cause severe burns as cap can reach very high temperatures. Caution! Always test the inside of cap to determine how hot it is!!! Pydana Thermal Caps can get very hot depending on how long you heat it. The outside or decorative side of Pydana Thermal Cap does not feel as hot as the inside of cap. Use a temperature that is comfortable for you.

Spot clean only using bleach free detergent and a clean cloth. Do not immerse in water. Allow cap to thoroughly air dry before use. As always, use a plastic cap underneath your Pydana Thermal Cap.

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