Pydana Thermal Cap: The #1 Tool Every Natural Must Own

June 28, 2019 1 Comment

Woman wearing a deep conditioning heat cap aka Pydana Thermal Cap

Is your hair dry?

Are you struggling with retaining moisture and curl definition?

Do your products just sit on your hair?

Are you ready to take a step into resolving these hair issues?

The Pydana Thermal Cap is a tool that helps to promote hair growth, length and moisture retention, helps your hair hold definition longer and make those curls POP & BOUNCE!!!!

This simple yet highly effective microwaveable deep conditioning heat cap helps you to achieve the following:



Increased circulation to scalp leads to more oxygen and nutrients to hair follicles which enables growth. This increased circulation is stimulated by heat provided by our Pydana Thermal Cap.



You want to keep inches, right? Regular deep conditioning with this heat cap leads to increased HYDRATION LEVELS + increased MOISTURE RETENTION--> increased ELASTICITY--> reduced BREAKAGE--> LENGTH RETENTION 



It's a known fact that well hydrated hair retains moisture better and therefore styles better. 



The Pydana Thermal Cap provides indirect heat to open up the hair cuticle allowing your deep conditioners and treatments to penetrate better into the hair shaft for maximum product performance. This is especially necessary if you have low porosity hair and products tend to sit on the hair and not fully absorb.

You only need to use our Thermal Cap for a minimum of 15 minutes. Over 30 minutes isn't effective. That's 15-30+ minutes off your wash day routine. Since it's plug free it frees you up to complete chores while deep conditioning.

And most importantly, curlfriends, it doesn't have to be unbearably hot. It just needs to be warm enough for you to tolerate. 

What is the #1 tool every natural should own?

The Pydana Thermal Cap - the HOTTEST Microwaveable Deep Conditioning Heat Caps on the market.

Do you regularly deep condition with heat to reap these wonderful benefits? Tell us in the comments.

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Cassandra G.
Cassandra G.

July 31, 2020

I order my cap several months ago and just decided to use it today. It’s so amazing and I can’t believe I waited so long to reap the handsfree benefits of this comfortable cap!

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