For Us By Us

For more than twenty years it has been said that brand and clothing designers Daymond John, J. Alexander Martin, Keith Perrin and Carlton Brown created this world-famous brand FUBU which meant “For Us, By Us”, at least In the African-American community. While I don’t have any hard evidence of this being a fact, I along with a lot of other African-Americans will likely go on believing and accepting this as the truth. What better acronym can we use to decide how a community should behave with their spending powers. It is a fact that most communities throughout the United States circulate money within their communities creating jobs, wealth, educational opportunities and most of all legacies.

In the United States Nielsen Research Media, that’s the company that knows how many people are watching Black-ish every Tuesday reported inNielsen 2017 Spending By African Americans, yes trillion on everything from baby milk to Baby Phat. Being in an African American family, self-employed with a sister, brother, sister-in-law, cousins, aunts, uncles and a wife all in business for themselves I truly understand how important it is for a village to keep a business going. While all of us are doing okay financially I still see the everyday struggle of family and friends who fight to gain access to that $1.7 trillion that is being spent by fellow African-Americans.

   For all of you who go to work every day and receive a paycheck from your corporate jobs, government jobs that are still paying during this government shut-down of President Donald Trump’s administration let me tell you it is difficult to be BWB (Black While in Business). It turns out that we must not only do what our parents and grandparents told us. You know the saying, you better work twice as hard to have what our white counterparts have. Well BWB is probably 10 times more difficult, as a matter of fact reported in 2012 that we were only able to employ 4% of black working adults with $187.6 billion earned through black businesses. Now let’s compare this to white Americans bringing in a whopping $12.9 trillion employing 44% of white working Americans. Now I’m not a math genius but if we can spend $1.7 trillion and you subtract the $187.6 billion spent in our communities that leaves a lot of money on the table for everyone else to swoop in on.

I know I may be preaching to deaf ears, but I am pleading to you that the next time you fix your lips to say, black people do bad business, black people charge too much, or even just white people’s ice is colder. Well remember your spending money outside of your community faster than President Trump can change his stories, keeps the neighborhood kids in your school, friends, relatives and even future generations of the potential Bob Johnson of the world in financial bondage.

The next time you want or need to spend your hard-earned money on hair products consider the black-owned brands like the Pydana Collection need some financial education go to the Black Business School, or if you just want to catch up on some reading to better your career call on black authors like Christopher Nance and Selling Your Heart Out, and if you need a writer or blogger to make you look good on paper go to behind the scenes with black ghost writers like at, then go out and find a great tech career with companies like G2W consulting.

Well, maybe I don’t know exactly how we can solve our community financial crises but I do know 2+2=4.

I’m Darren L. Buckner,

Speaker, Entrepreneur, American Father

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